Lefty's Pro Shop

The Lefty's Sports Academy Pro shop is your one-stop shop destination for
baseball and softball gear.  We carry a full line of Major Brand Gloves, Bats,
Helmets, Safety Equipment, and anything else baseball and softball for the
individual player and team.

Get your team's uniform from Lefty's Today!
Mon-Fri:  2:00—9:00pm
Sat-Sun: 9:30am-5:00pm
* Lefty's will be CLOSED on Sundays between July 4th & Oct 1st

Special Team Hours Can Always Be Arranged!
Lefty's Sports Academy
840 Bloomfield Avenue ~ Clifton, NJ 07012
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Team Training

Is your team looking for training space? Lefty's has a
turfed training area over 10,000 sq feet.

L screens, Mounds and T's are available for use.  You
can bring your own coaches or we offer team training
with our professional coaches, it's your choice!  Just
give us a call (973-777-2287) or e-mail
(info@leftyssportsacademy.com) for pricing and
Lefty's Sports Academy is the Premier Baseball and
Softball Training Facility in the area. We are
equipped with SIX batting cages for baseball and
softball.  Our Baseball cages range in speeds from
"Little League" up to speeds matching that of Major
League pitchers!  Our Softball cages are available in
Fastpitch, Modified, and High Arc.

In Addition to our cages we also offer a fully-turfed
training area of Over 10,000 square feet!

Here at Lefty's, we accommodate all players on an
individual basis as well as entire team training.  Give
us a call today for more information regarding our
Camps, Clinics, Team Training, and Individual lessons.

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We Are OPEN To The Public
Private lessons are tailored to fit your individual needs for
any combination of
30 or 60 minute lessons can be
scheduled all year with our professional  
baseball and softball training  
*Hitting*                    *Pitching*

*Catching*               * Fielding*
Please call 973-777-2287 and speak to one of our
knowledgeable staff members for more information!